Welcome to DBL Group

Board of Directors

 Abdul Wahed

Mr. Abdul Wahed is a renowned business personality in the Textile Sector of Bangladesh. After completing Bachelor of Science, he started his professional life with construction business in the year 1982. Later in the year 1991, he along with his other three brothers ventured into Ready Made Garments export business by setting up a factory named as Dulal Brothers Ltd. His expertise in Textile technicality inspired Dulal Brothers Ltd. to invest in backward linkage industries of fabric knitting and dyeing which finally culminates into Matin Spinning Mills Ltd., a state-of-the-art spinning mill which is not only one of the best in Bangladesh but worth comparable with spinning mills across the world.

Mr. Wahed is a freedom fighter. He is a proactive member of different social organizations working in the fields of education, health, orphanage, etc. He is also an eloquent speaker being able to enthrall the audience in the various seminars he is participating on the social and business front.

Md. Abdul Jabbar
Managing Director

Mr. Md. Abdul Jabbar is a distinguished business personality in Bangladesh. He is the main architect of DBL Group. He completed his graduation in Computer Science from U.S.A. and acquired degree in Computer Science. Then he returned back to Bangladesh with a vision to make valuable contribution in the economy of the country. He has been instrumental in developing a good reputation of the company. Accordingly, he joined Dulal Brothers Ltd. as a Marketing Director and was able to achieve increasing export orders for garments, in particular from buyers in UK. His dynamic leadership brought in growth opportunities for the company resulting in setting up of more industries for Dulal Brothers Ltd. and the birth of the acronym DBL Group. His vision’s first accomplishment came in the form of DBL Group getting the HSBC Export Excellence Award 2009 in category A for business having export volume above USD 50 million. His passion for excelling and cultivating innovation has roped in professionals from different fields to join DBL Group and explore their hidden talents. He is the chief architect of Vision 2020 through which DBL Group has to achieve a visible contribution to the GDP of Bangladesh before it steps into 2021, the Golden Jubilee celebration year of the country independence.

Mohammed Abdur Rahim

Mr. Mohammed Abdur Rahim obtained his Master Degree in Management and began his professional career as a banker. His work experience in bank greatly helped in gaining insight into the commercial and finance aspect of businesses. By virtue of his academic background and passionate working, he has put the financial & commercial management of the Group on sound footings. Under his dynamic leadership guidance, all the liability and term loan of DBL Group are being paid well ahead of schedule resulting in finance as being one of the key strength for the group.

Mr. Rahim has been Ex-Director of BGMEA (Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association) and BTMA (Bangladesh Textile Mills Association). He is a philanthropist and actively involved in social development with various organizations throughout the country.

Mohammed Abdul Quader 
Deputy Managing Director & Group CEO

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Quader completed Bachelor of Commerce and afterwards, he immediately joined Dulal Brothers Limited and worked in garments production department. With sincere efforts, he was able to quickly learn the garments manufacturing operations. This led him to become a Director of Production in the garments division of DBL Group. Among his many achievements in the production department, he is credited with reduction in lead time of garments manufacturing. At present, he is the Group CEO of DBL. He maintains a close & cordial relation with the buyers for the furtherance of business. He regularly attends a number of business seminars and workshops in Asia, Europe and USA.