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Dyeing and Washing

Our Dyeing and Washing facilities comprise of advanced machinery and are among the leaders in the garments Dyeing and Washing industry of Bangladesh. Our onsite lab creates quality color, in the minimum time, as per our customer needs and demands. We also offer several washing treatment to meet the customer's satisfaction. We deliver quality products and our growing customer dependency on us drives us to deliver the best.

Summary – Dyeing:
Capacity: 90 tons/day
Dyeing – Sclavos (Greece); models - Venus, Athena-1, Athena-2, Athena-3
Finishing – Brückner, Osthoff (Germany); Santex (Switzerland); TubeTex (USA); Ferraro, Lafer, Corino, Bianco (Italy)
Capability to dye/finish: Cotton, Viscose, Modal, Nylon, Polyester, Wool, Silk and its blends and with Elastane, and also very light to heavy fabrics; Finishing includes brushing, sueding, shearing, and singeing
Summary – Washing:
Capacity (avg.): Normal wash 68,440, Acid wash 20,000 pcs/day
Machines: Tonello (Italy); Nagaishing (China)
Types: Heavy Garments, Heavy Enzyme, Alkali, Burnout, Heave Perlite, Crinkle Acid, PP Spray + Enzyme, Oil, Dirty Dyeing, Pigment Color Spray + Enzyme, etc.