DBL Group's new and enthused initiative is DBL Pharmaceuticals. With a goal of achieving WHO cGMP, UK MHRA, and USFDA certifications, DBL Group is currently constructing cutting-edge pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in order to satisfy local demand as well as the worldwide market for high-end branded generics, oncologic, and biologics.

As the first pharmaceutical company from Bangladesh to serve the North American and African markets, DBL also plans to construct production facilities in the USA and Ethiopia. The main product lines, which are produced in specialized manufacturing facilities with lines for oral solids, injectable (ampoule & vial), lyophilized, mAbs, etc., are oncology products and biologically developed products. Concurrently, DBL is building standalone, all-inclusive facilities for the manufacture of oral solid, oral liquid, ointment/cream, suppositories, ophthalmic, DPI, and injectable products.