• Where would you find job advertisements or vacancy announcements for DBL?

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    1. Company website – Career page
    2. On-campus
    3. Social Media
    4. Head hunting agencies
  • What do DBL look from a candidate in an interview?

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    DBL Group hires the best “fit”. Candidates are expected to demonstrate relevant competences, experience (as applicable), and other functional and soft skills. We emphasize to source a person who would fit DBL Groups vision, values, and leadership expectations and who would represent the organization to the corporate world as an employer of choice.

  • What are the criteria for being called for an interview?

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    Criteria of every position are specifically mentioned on the advertisement through the following:

    • Job Role
    • Academic Qualifications
    • Relevant Experience Requirements (where applicable)
    • Additional Skill Requirements
    • Extracurricular activities
  • Where can I contact for more information?

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    Please send your queries to info@dbl-group.com